Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day for all Species

I've always thought of Memorial Day as the official start of summer, only vaguely aware that it glorified war & militarism. Yesterday, was under our big tree out back pondering on the Meaning of Memorial Day and of lives lost in wars, including the one our civilization has waged against Nature & our Planet. Later in the day, discovered Rebecca's essay: Memorial Day for all Species, reminding us that honoring our soldiers "so easily slips in to glorifying militarism and war."

So today, "on Memorial Day, pause and remember the fallen sons and daughters of our country. Recognize that they were unique individuals, and irreplaceable in our human family. And then, pause and remember the Western Back Rhinoceros, the Golden Toad, the Caribbean Monk Seal, and the Laughing Owl. They too, were unique and irreplaceable to our earth family."

Thank you, Rebecca!!

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Ameet said...

I like this! This is a kind of "memorial" I can get behind and feel right about.