Sunday, January 27, 2008

Greens at the Philadelphia Home Show

On Saturday, we went down to the Convention Center for the Philadelphia Home Show , which ran Sat Jan 19 thru Sun Jan 27. Before going, I checked their website for hours, and saw GO GREEN! Click here to learn how you can make your home eco-friendly! Clicking here & there didn't take me anywhere. Today this link works, and has some valid points.

We got there at noon and the place was mobbed. At the entrance were ballot sheets asking us to vote for the Best Green Products. I grabbed the sheets, and pushed through the crowds, scanning for Green Products to review.

The busiest booths were those selling fancy mops (4), sheets & housewares (6), and ready to eat dips & condiments (5). I suppose for those hunter-gatherers that had to return home with a find!

We walked past several financial institutions, wondering why there were banks in a home show, till it hit me - people buy what they dream of, not what they can afford or need. Where have I been hiding? Mt Airy? the voluntary simplicity world?

The Green Products that caught our attention:
  • Noritz America had tankless water heaters. Not only do they use less energy than conventional heaters with storage tanks, the main components are recyclable and every part is replaceable. Anybody ready to replace their water heater? It needs installation by certified installers and from the literature we picked up, I find two in our area.
  • The Environmental Home Store, yes, from Mt Airy. They were there with their fabulous Paperstone countertops, cork flooring, et al. You've been there, you know what all they sell. If you haven't yet, give Todd & Traci a visit when you're next at Weavers Way.
  • Greenable sells Bio-based foam insulation as well as Ultra-Touch recycled denim insulation. Good to see these in the public eye. Their flyer said they sell CFLs so will need to check out their showroom in Center City.
Here's a synopsis of items & companies that get a thumbs down on their green rating: GMC's mega-cars, mega appliances (none with EnergyStar rating), 7 pool & spa companies, 3 sauna companies, 3 that sold household safes, 6 that sold security systems, you get the picture!

We saw Re:think solar. That's it. Where were all of the area solar hot water and photo-voltaic installers that we saw at the GreenFest this past September?

Oh, and there were about 16 window companies. A great way to touch and feel the variety of offerings. Too bad they didn't come armed with literature high-lighting their energy-saving features. The ones we liked: Kolbe, Pella & European Windows. The ones we'll keep referring people to: Pella.